Miumaeov 16pcs Portable Hot Massage Stone Volcanic Stones Heater Pain Relief

Miumaeov 16pcs Portable Hot Massage Stone Volcanic Stones Heater Pain Relief

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16/20/28 Pcs SPA Massage Hot Stone Warmer Heating Box for Rock Stone Heating USA

Type 1 Productions Descripton 
Reminder: There is no timer or switch . it can be heated and used directly by plugging in. If you don't need to use it . you need to unplug it.

Muscular aches . pains and sprains
Circulation improvement
Rheumatic and arthritic relief
Back pain
Stress . anxiety and tension
The stones can be placed down your spine . along your arm or leg and even in between your toes-anywhere you feel the need!
Create a relaxing experience by lighting the scented candle and incense.
Why not give this gift to your partner and treat each other to a romantic sensual night of therapy!!!

Package Including
16pcs hot stone
1 pc package box

Type 2 Productions Descripton

Our Hot Stone Sets include real basalt stones which are the most recommended type of stone to be used in hot stone therapy. Our Hot Stones' high-ferruginous component . non-porous . smooth texture . combined with their high heat retaining qualities . makes them the ideal choice for therapists.
Basalt is a kind of mineral of which the color is gray. It is the most recommended type of volcanic stone to use in hot stone therapy . because of the non-porous . smooth texture. 

Benefits and effects of Hot Stone Therapy:
Increases circulation . facilitating maximum blood for optimum body functioning.
Vaso-dilation of blood vessels causing and increase in blood flow around the body.

Voltage: 110V-220V . 50Hz
Power: 60W
Temperature: 60℃±10℃
Stone Color: Black
Cable Length: 140cm
Package Included:
4 x 8*8cm Stone
4 x 6*8cm Stone
4 x 5*6cm Stone
8 x 4*3cm Stone
1 x Heating Box

Contra-indications and Cautions:
The Contra-indications with hot stone therapy are much the same as with traditional manual massage . except that there is the additional consideration of heat.

Preparation for Hot Stone Therapy:
Follow Manufacturer’s instructions on heating the stones prior to a treatment.
The stones should be within the temperature range of 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleansing of the Stones:
After each client . rinse all the stones thoroughly under cold running water. Then wash with warm soapy water. Spray the stones with an antibacterial spray.
At the end the day soak stones in water and sea salt for 20 minutes.
Dry the stones and re-oil with them with natural oil such as almond oil.

After Care:
Drink plenty of water.
Follow a healthy . light diet following treatment.
Avoid Heat treatments of hot baths directly after.
Allow a suitable period of time for the body to rest and re-balance.
Allow oils to soak into the body before showering and your skin will love you for it.

Type 3  :28pcs Stones+Heater Kit

Product parameters:
Product size:
Heating box: 44 * 34 * 6.5cm
Heating stone size:
8*8cm (10pcs) 6*8cm (5pcs)
5*6cm (5pcs) 3*4cm (8pcs)
Net weight: about 5.4kg

Texture of material:

Heating box: aluminum alloy

Heated stone: pure natural volcanic energy stone

Scope of application: general purpose . can be used for face . back and arm

When used . it can be combined with essential oil . scraping massage . promoting blood circulation and health spa

Packing list:

Heating box + 28pcs volcanic stone (without essential oil)

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