It is our duty to protect Mother Nature!

Our values lie at the basis of everything we do.  And we have placed them always before any profits. One of our fundamental values ​​is the care for nature. This is a value which we always apply in our work. As producers of solid wood furniture, we believe we bear a great responsibility in making sure that all the wood we acquire comes from verified, renewable, FSC-certified sources. Around this value we have built one of the most modern furniture factories in Romania, environmental-friendly and almost completely self-sustainable from an energetic point of view. Starting with the log and up to the final piece of furniture, we put everything to use in our production process, using the waste for producing renewable energy. Our care for the environment must be complemented with the respect for the environmental principles also in our working and living spaces, and therefore our permanent concern is to offer products as natural as they can be. Our goal is to manufacture and offer only high-quality furniture, with a long cycle of use, furniture for multiple generations. By doing this we protect nature and we make sure that the used materials can easily return to nature or be recycled. We use exclusively non-toxic and natural materials which do not affect in any way whatsoever the health of the end-users.