Our promise to you

The quality of our products is closely related to the quality of the wood we use. Sometimes it takes years until the wood is dry and ready to be transformed into an outstanding piece of furniture. This entails a slow process during which we allow the wood to rest in the open air, to dry slowly while exposed to the forces of nature. It is only at the end of this slow, but carefully controlled process by our specialists when artificial drying is used in order to bring the wood to the ideal humidity which it requires in order to be processed. Thus results the best possible timber, ready to be transformed into a piece of furniture which will preserve its value in time.


We control all the stages of the manufacturing process, from the harvesting of the log until the final delivery of the furniture. Each product with which we come into contact bears the mark of the craftsmanship which was transmitted to us from generation to generation, and of the passion we share for the pure, natural wood. Our specialists carefully select by hand each piece of timber, following specific patterns and quality indicators. It is because of this reason why each piece is unique, has its own series and why a great deal of our manufacturing process is manual.

International recognition

All Cioata products or those produced by our partners are the result of a design experience of more than 28 years on international markets and of our own principles which we have refined over time. We are permanently connected to all the international trends in the design field, but our non-arguable principles are those concerned with comfort, functionality and durability. We value quality before anything else, we choose only what is relevant and important and we aim to obtain designs which can overcome the time barrier. Behind each piece of furniture lie hundreds of hours of work, countless tests and an experience extended throughout generations.