Our philosophy

"In life, arts and in design, simplicity is the supreme excellence"


We have been working with wood for many generations now and focus on creating durable and timeless things, such as our ancestors have taught us. The traditional techniques and the harmonious designs stand at the base of our renown. Behind the simple lines of the Cioata furniture lies a constant desire for innovation. We at Cioata love the wood! We love it because it gave us both our name and our craftsmanship. We enrich each piece of wood that passes through our factory and we share this beautiful feeling with you, with every furniture item we manufacture.


From the tree to the piece of furniture, our wood has been traveling for almost a century. The oak tree needs over 80 years to reach maturity and be harvested. In the Cioata factory the wood's journey continues for another two years, to ensure that every piece of furniture we create will withstand the test of time. Our processing techniques evolve with the passing of time and with the advent of new technologies. However, certain processes are done only by hand and by respecting the Transylvanian woodworking tradition.


When one looks at a furniture piece produced by Cioata, one cannot fail to see the perfect blend between arts and impeccable execution. All this to achieve excellence in the final product. Each furniture piece manufactured by us is at the same time sophisticated, yet simple and unique. We are certain that the Cioata furniture will bring warmth and emotion to any living space. Our passions are the design and the creation, and our over 28 years of experience offer you the guarantee of a high quality furniture which is appreciated throughout Europe.