Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm
Izzy Side Table 60cm

Izzy Side Table 60cm

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Sizes: L 60 x W 40 x H 58 cm
Volume: 0.17 cubic meters
Net Weight: 7 kg
Gross Weight: 8.2 kg
Packages: 1 piece
SKU: IZ020

Solid oak wood QF1 – QF2 (A – B class)
Secondary materials: powder coated steel
Surface distressing: none
Colors for wood (see images here)
DR – Drift, NO – Natural Oak, NW – Natural White, OC – Old Canada, WB – Weathered Brown, AR – Ardesia, CA – Castagne, CO – Cotone, FE – Ferro, NA – Naturale, PI – Piombo, BL – Blue, RE – Red, GR – Green 
Colors for metal (see images here)
VI – Vintage, MA – Marrone, NR – Nero 
cardboard boxes with adequate interior protections
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