World-Class Quality

In a world governed by an increasing rapidity of our daily rhythm, by mass production and excessive consumerism, our option is to make things according to our Transylvanian tradition, "quality first, speed second". We are a family business which chose to swim against the stream and to manufacture products which are so qualitative that they can be passed on as a family heritage. Generations have passed since the Cioata family has started woodworking, since we have dedicated our entire life to our passion for design and for solid wood. Looking back on our 29 years of experience on international markets and at our many collaborations with famous brands or renowned designers in Europe, we, Cioata, firmly believe that our purpose is to manufacture ageless furniture, furniture to which time shall add a vintage touch, distinction and elegancy.

An old secret

Blown by the winds, caressed by the Sun, loaded by the heavy Transylvanian winter snows, the wild oak is the living proof of both good times and difficult times. Behind each piece of furniture Cioata manufactures lie hundreds of hours of work, countless tests and the greatest attention to the smallest details. We gave everything to create a unique product, a product with a strong individuality. Even though we respect modern international design trends, we never gave up our heritage. That is why you will find within each Cioata furniture a piece of the wild oak’s soul and the warm touch of the Transylvanian culture.

Cioata’s international presence

The enriched wood and the craftsmanship of Cioata can be found today in all Europe. Through our distinctive design and quality we have earned the trust of even the most demanding customers. The last 20 years have marked the recognition of our products by large international brands and famous designers. Cioata is today the best known Romanian brand of solid wood furniture in Europe.